Air Oil Mixing Lubrication Valves – Lubrication Dividers

The lubricant moves forward along the tube wall under the action of compressed air and is sprayed to the lubrication point with continuous fine oil droplets separated from the compressed air. In the oil and air pipeline, due to the role of compressed air, so that the lubricating oil along the inner wall of the pipeline to move forward, and gradually form a thin layer of continuous oil film. The oil and air streams formed by the mixing of the oil and air mixing blocks are distributed through the oil and air distributor and finally to the lubrication point with an extremely fine continuous oil drop.
Oil and air mixing valves and distributor scan achieve multi-level distribution of oil and air flow. Due to the role of the compressed air into the bearing, even if the lubrication parts have been cooled, and because the lubrication parts to maintain a certain positive pressure, so that the outside of the dirt and water can not intrude, played a good sealing effect.