DR3-4 Hydraulically Directional Valve

Product: DR3-4 Auto Hydraulically Control, Directional Valve 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation up to 40Mpa
2. Pressure adjustment range: 5 -38Mpa
3. Available for dual line terminal type lubrication system

DR3-4 Series auto hydraulically control directional valve is specially designed for high pressure and small displacement dual line terminal type centralized lubrication system, which combines the original system used in the solenoid valve or electric four-way valve and the pressure control valve or pressure switch, a combination of two devices in one function, thereby greatly reducing the size of lubrication equipment and a variety failure probability of lubrication equipment to participate in the control of electrical appliances, but also to optimize the electrical control system in lubrication equipment.

DR3-4 Series auto hydraulically control directional valve is suitable for dual line terminal type lubrication system, its main function is to transfer the small amount of grease or oil from the lubrication pump alternately to two main grease pipe line of lubrication system and issue alternating electrical signals to electric control box.

Usage Of DR3-4 Series Auto Hydraulically Control Directional Valve:
1. DR3-4 hydraulically control directional valve is designed to use in the small lubrication equipment with max. pressure of 40MPa and the actual working pressure is better not to exceed 38MPa.
2. It should be carefully confirmed that the inlet port P of the valve should be connected with the supply port of lubrication pump, the return port T of DR3-4 valve should be connected to the return port of lubrication pump. And to ensure that the oil return pipe must be no obstruction, to ensure the normal unloading.
3. According to the actual working conditions of the grease lubrication equipment, a reasonable adjustment is good to switch the hydraulic pressure setting (pressure screw turn clockwise to increase the pressure, on the contrary, the pressure drop), and tighten the nut lock after the completing of adjustment.
4. An irregular check to the actual working condition of dual line lubrication distributor, such as the end of the lubrication distributor does not work properly which means that the pressure in the lubrication system is not enough, front of the hydraulic valve should be reset to the appropriate pressure.
5. Mounting hole size of DR3-4 valve is 2x∅6.5mm, the screw of inlet and outlet thread is G3/8”.

Technical Data Of Auto Lubrication Directional Valve DR3-4 Series

ModelMax. PressurePressure Adj.Switch TypeWeight