AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve

Product: AVE Oil/Air Lubrication Mixing Valve, Air Oil Divider
Products Advantage:
1. Max. oil inlet pressure 20Bar, Max. air inlet pressure 6Bar
2. Oil and air ports from number 1 ~ 8 Nos.
3. Small size and large heat exchange performance

AVE oil air lubrication mixing valve and air oil divider which is a kind of aluminum alloy material volume quantitative structure of the air oil mixing divider, with an oil inlet, an air inlet, the air and oil inlet port from 1 to 8 numbers. Mainly applicable to single-line pressure relief oil and air lubrication system.

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Principle
The oil in the AVE oil air lubrication mixing valve was pressurized into inlet port to push the part 1 to move downward , close to the upper surface of the part 2 sealed the oil passage, while opening the oil inlet to the part 3 with oil filling, the part 3 under the action of oil to overcome the spring 4 force to move down, then the lower part of the part 3 of oil into the mixing chamber 5, under the action of compressed air through the mixed oil and air from the oil and oil outlet discharge. After the oil supply supervisor unloads, the upper part of the oil 1 is low and the part 3 is withdraw by the action of the part 4, and the oil filled in the upper part of the part 3 is opened. Stored for the next cycle of oil to prepare. The air supply of each port can be adjusted by the opening size of the throttle screw.

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Usage
1. The required range of media must be used in the specified environment.
2. Compressed air interface must be with the oil and oil system dedicated compressed air network pipeline connection, is strictly prohibited with other unknown origin of the air supply line connection, so as to avoid accidents.
3. The installation location of the oil and oil mixing valve is preferred to install the conditions in good condition, the temperature difference is small, non-corrosive media affected parts, never allowed to install in a long time by high temperature radiation baking occasions.

Ordering Code Of AVE Oil Mixing Valve Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) AVE = AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve and Air Oil Dividers
(3) Outlet Port Nos. (Check Chart Below)
(4) Grease Feeding Series Nos.: (Check Chart Below)

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Technical Information

ModelOil Inlet PressureAir Inlet PressureOutlet PortsLH
Series Nos.*Displacement

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve Dimensions

AVE Oil Air Lubrication Mixing Valve and Air Oil Divider Dimensions

1. Sealing   2. Spool   3. Valve Poppet   4. Spring    5. Rubber Ball