Grease Spray Valve PF-200

Product: PF Lubrication Grease Spray Valve
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation pressure up to 10Mpa/100bar
2. Spray distance up to 200mm, with spray diameter of 120mm
3. Small size, fast response to spray grease to parts surface

Grease spray valve PF is lubricant, grease quantitative, uniform spray valve pushing by air to spray the grease to the surface of working parts quantitatively and evenly in order to main its service life and strong its operation feature. Grease spray valve PF-200 series is suitable for lubrication of large open gears (such as ball mill, rotary kiln, excavator, blast furnace distributor, etc.) and wire rope and chain in metallurgy, mine, cement, chemical industry and papermaking industries.
Note Before Using Of PF Series Grease Spray Valve:
1. The use of grease must be filtered, uniform texture, and in the provisions of the cone penetration and viscosity grade range of use.
2. The air inlet pipe must be set to air three pieces, to ensure clean air, dry, value pressure.
3. Air not allowed to enter the grease tube, so as not to affect the spray.

Ordering Code Of Grease Spray Valve PF Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) PF = Grease Spray Valve PF Series
(3) Spray Distance = 200mm
(4) * = For further information

Grease Spray Valve PF Series Technical Data

ModelMax. PressureSpray DistanceSpray Dia.Min. SprayMin.
Air ConsumptionWeight

Grease Spray Valve PF-200 Installation Dimensions

Grease Spray Valve PF-200 dimensions