Product: GZQ Grease Flow Indicator 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 6.3Bar
2. Size from 10mm to 25mm
3. Flow rate adjustment available

GZQ Lubricating grease flow indicator is used for oil lubricating centralized lubrication system to observe the lubricating flow to lubrication point and adjust the oil supply. Applicable medium viscosity of GZQ grease flow indicator is grade N22 ~ N460. And the system piping must be connected according to the provisions of the inlet port and outlet port, and must be installed vertically.

Hudsun Industry provides the GZQ – SS series made of stainless steel for special working condition, such as used in chemical industry, seashore equipment, lubrication equipment for shipping, water medium working environment, any other harsh working condition to protect other lubrication device and equipment.

Ordering Code Of GZQ Grease Flow Indicator Series


(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) GZQ = Oil Lubricating Flow Indicator GZQ Series
(3) Size (Please check the chart below)
(4) Main Materials:
Housing Made of Casting Iron
S= Housing Made of  Stainless Steel
(5) For Further Information

Oil Lubricating Flow Indicator GZQ Series Technical Data And Dimensions

ModelSizeMax. PressuredDBCbHH1SWeight