Lubrication Pump KMPS Series –Single Line Manual Grease Lubrication Pump

Product: KMPS Manual Grease Lubrication Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Single line lubrication pump, max. pressure 10Mpa, 21Mpa optional
2. Hand operation grease pump, with 2L, 3L, 6L grease reservoir
3. Pressure gauge for pressure measurement with light weight portable

Manual lubrication pump KMPS series is manually operated, single line grease lubrication pump, is available to install at the wall or shelf of the machines, the KMPS is be able to connect with single line divider to become a centrally manual working lubrication system.

Manual lubrication pump KMPS series is suitable for low lubricating frequency (General lubricating interval for more than 4 hours), piping not more than 50 meters in length, single small equipment lubrication point of not more than 100 points, as a single line grease lubricating feeding device.

The Working Principle Of Grease Lubrication Pump KMPS Series
Manual lubrication pump is an operated by handle, to achieve the reciprocating movement through the gear drive rack piston to supply grease, when the piston is in the limit position, the lubricating grease is sucked in by the inlet port and is filled in the right cavity of the piston. When the piston moves to the right, the grease sucked in is under the high pressure will have the power to open the one way check valve and delivery the grease to outlet port.working-principle-of-grease-lubrication-pump-kmps

When the main metering distributor in lubrication system shows lubricating volume up to 3.2mL and all of the piston rods are pulled up, which means that the lubrication requirement points has been filled in grease. Next stop pressing the handle and pulling the piston rod of metering distributor back, the grease in indicator comes back to grease volume through the check valve.

Ordering Code Of Grease Lubrication Pump KMPS Series


(1) FMPS 
= Grease Lubrication Pump KMPS Series 
(2) Max. Pressure: H= 21Mpa ;  L= 10Mpa (Only for lubricating oil)
(3) Grease Reservoir = 2L; 3L; 6L
(4) Omit = Grease as media ; O= Lubricating oil
(5) * 
= For further information

Grease Lubrication Pump KMPS Series Technical Data

ModelNominal PressureFeeding VolumeTank VolumeWeightMedium
KMPS-H221 Mpa4.5ml/stroke2L16kgNLGO0#-1#
KMPS-H321 Mpa4.5 ml/stroke3L20kgNLGO0#-1#
KMPS-H621 Mpa4.5 ml/stroke6L23kgNLGO0#-1#
KMPS- L210 Mpa4.5 ml/stroke2L16kgOil

Grease Lubrication Pump KMPS Installation Dimensions

Grease Lubrication Pump KMPS Installation Dimensions