DDB-XEM Portable Electric Grease Lubricator Pump

Product: DDB-XEM Portable Electric Grease Lubricator Pump
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 31.5 Mpa/ 315bar
2. Up 18 Multi points to one outlet, increasing the output flow
3. With 5m grease pipe, electrical motor control box and portable cart

DDB-XEM Portable electric grease lubricator pump is usually applicable to the industry of metallurgy, mining, power, cement, textile machinery and other grease lubrication pumps that needs to move and can not be mounted in one position. DDB-XEM Portable electric grease lubricator pump has the characteristics of fast grease or oil refueling speed and high grease pressure, it can be equipped with an internal-diameter 8 mm high-pressure hose of 25 meters without affecting the grease or oil pressure and fluid volume. DDB-XEM Portable electric grease lubricator pump can reach the automatic control, using pressure sensing control, open the oil or grease gun automatically for refueling, shut down the oil gun while shut down automatically. (This lubrication pump is equipped with 2m high pressure hose and oil gun.) The DDB-XEM Portable electric grease lubricator pump uses multiple piston for centralized grease or oil supply. Each oil channel is equipped with a check valve to control each other. It is not easy to fail the working operation and the performance of DDB-XEM lube pump is very reliable operation. The DDB-XEM lube pump is suitable for industrial greases with a wide range of greases, viscosity greater than N68, and greases with a penetration of not less than 265 (25 150g) 1/10mm. The applicable ambient temperature is -20°C~80°C.

Precautions Before Operation Of DDB-XEM Portable Electric Grease Lubricator Pump

  1. The lid of the lubrication pump must not be opened casually, papers or debris is mixed are strictly prohibited in the bucket.
  2. Do not use inferior oils so as not to cause abnormal oil supply.
  3. The minimum bending radius of the high pressure tube is 200mm, which is easily damaged by excessive bending. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent pressure loss of the tube so as not to shorten its service life.
  4. When the oil level in the barrel is lower than the lower limit oil level, the pump will automatically stop working. At this time, the tank should be filled with oil before continuing operations.
  5. The maximum operating pressure of the pump is 40MPa, over voltage and power off, shutdown, troubleshooting should be done before work.
  6. The filter for outlet port of pump filter should be cleaned periodically to prevent being blocked.
  7. Grease Filler pump must be used if filling the grease or oil the reservoir (to prevent contamination).
  8. The initial stage of the electric pump reduction gear chamber is 500 hours of grease exchange, and the next 1000 hours of grease exchange.

Ordering Code Of DDB-XEM Portable Electric Grease Lubricator Pump


(1) Producer = Hudsun Industry
(2) DDB = DDB Multi-Point Lubrication Pump
(3) Series = XEM Series (DDB-X With Electric Control Box + Movable Cart Equipped With)
(4) Feeding Volume Per Port =  280ml/min. (Normal ordering); 320ml/min. ;  360ml/min.  (Please technical data below)
(5) * = For further information

DDB-XEM Portable Electric Grease Lubricator Pump Technical Data

ModelFeeding Volume/PortInjector Nos.Nominal PressureMax. PressureMotor VoltageMotor PowerTank Volume Weight
DDB-XEM280280ml/min.16Pcs.20Mpa25~31.5Mpa380V/50~60HZ0.55kw30L 85KGS
DDB-XEM320320ml/min.18Pcs.0.55kw 90KGS
DDB-XEM360360ml/min.20Pcs.0.55kw 98KGS

Note: Using the medium for cone penetration is not less than 265 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # ~ 2 #). Better operating ambient temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃.

DDB-XEM Portable Electric Grease Lubricator Pump Installation Dimensions