Product: VSG6-KR Two Line Metering Device
Products Advantage:
1. Quality Guarantee By Materials: High strength carbon steel as raw materials, advance each port smooth flow rate, minimize outer leakage nearly to zero.
2. Quality Guarantee By Strictly Tested: Using 32# or 46# mineral oil tested, thinner than greasing oil. Guarantee lubricates the long distance lubrication spots completely.
3. Quality Guarantee By Production Processing: Harden treatment to advance stress, fine grinding of spool surface making operation while directional movement smoothly.

Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Introduction

Grease metering valve of VSG6 series are for centralized lubrication system, which with tow supplying grease or oil pipes and six feeding outlets to each lubrication points. The grease metering valve should by equipped with protective cover when working in the dust, wet and harsh environment.

When adjustment of the volume of grease, please rotating the adjustment screw on the limited rod, to adjust the minimum or maximum grease or oil feeding volume as per the lubrication point requirement. The adjustment processing should be done when the indicator on the back position and tighten the screws after the adjustment. The block nut should be screwed on the feeding outlet ports if the outlets are 1, 3, 5, 7 odd number, in which case, the feeding oil channels are connection each other and lubrication if the piston operation correctly in grease metering valve.

Dual-line- Lubricant -Distributor-Inner-structure

Ordering Code Of Grease Metering Valve VSG6

VSG2 / 4  / 6 / 8KR*

(1) VSG = VSG series two line metering divider
(2) Number Of Discharging (Outlet Port)= 2 ports / 4 ports / 6 ports / 8 ports
(3) KR = With indicator pin and progressive adjustment
(4) *  = Further information

Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Technical Data

Raw Materials:
45# High strength of carbon steel
Working Pressure:
Max. operation pressure: 400bar/ 5800psi
Min. pressure
35bar / 508psi
Output volume
0~2.2cm3/stoke, adjustable
Adjusting flow by each turn
Main Line Threaded Connection:
Feed Line Threaded Connection:

Minimum Order Quantity:
Please consult us
With strong box or cartons for exporting
For cone penetration of not less than 265 (25°C, 150g) 1/10mm grease (NLGI0 # ~ 2 #) or greater than the N68 lubricant viscosity grades
Items Delivery:
Depends on the quantity and standard or custom design, usually 8-25 working days
Surface Treatment:
Zinc plated for resistance of corrosion
Place of Origin:

Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Position of Lock Screw Condition

A – Lock screw
B – Rotary slide horizontal: 2 outlets
– Rotary slide vertical: 1 outlet
With the two main lines being relieved (i.e. when the pump is switched of) the lock screw A can be closed and the rotary slide B can be turned through 90°. If the rotary slide is put into position 1 the connecting passage between the two outlets is closed, and the lubricant is discharged by the two outlets. If the rotary slide is in position 2, the connecting passage is open. In this case one of the two outlets has to be closed by means of a closure plug, and then the double lubricant volume is discharged by the other outlet.


Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Working Operation Graphic

Pressurized lubricant is supplied to the metering device via main line I. The control piston (1) starts moving in the direction of arrow A, displacing the lubricant in front of the control piston into the relieved main line II.



When the control piston (1) uncovers the connecting passage (2) lubricant is transferred to the right end of the dispensing piston (3), thereby displacing it to the left in the direction of arrow A.
The lubricant volume ahead of the dispensing piston is transferred via the connection passage (4) to the lubrication point. With the dispensing piston in its terminal position, the pressure in main line I will continue to rise to reach the preset change-over pressure of the two-line system. At this stage,the change-over valve of the system operates to connect main line I which has so far been under pressure to the lubricant reservoir of the lubrication pump.

At the same time the change-over valve connects main line II to the lubrication pump, thus pressurizing the lubricant in this main line. The control piston (1) moves in the direction of arrow B, displacing the lubricant ahead of the control piston into the relieved main line I.



When the control piston (1) uncovers the connecting passage (5) lubricant is transferred to the left end of the dispensing piston (3) and displaces it to the right in the direction of arrow B. The lubricant ahead of the dispensing piston (3) is transferred via the connecting passage (6) to the lubrication point. With the dispensing piston (3) in its terminal position, the pressure in main line II will continue to rise to reach the preset changeover pressure of the two-line system. At this stage, the change-over valve will once again cause a pressure changing-over in main lines I and II and the cycle will be repeated as described in stage 1.

Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Output Volume Adjustment

Variation KR for infinitely variable adjustment and visual indication.Infinitely variable adjustment of lubricant output is achieved by turning the adjustment screw F. Maximum output is available if the lock screw E and the adjustment screw F are in their uppermost position. By turning the screw downward the output can be continuously reduced. With the two screws in their fully closed position, the indicator pin G is completely restrained and, because the pin is attached directly to the dispensing piston, the lubricant output will be nearly zero.
The indicator pin shows the correct functioning of a pair of outlets. After setting the lubricant output, the adjustment screw F will be locked in position by means of screw E.
To secure the setting, lock the adjusting screw only when the indicator pin is retracted.


Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Adjustment Curve


Grease Metering Valve VSG6 Installation Dimensions

Metering Device-Installation-dimensions
ModelVSG 6-KR
Outer Ports6
L1  (mm)94
L  (mm)108