Product: HSGLA Lubricating System, Grease Lubrication System
Products Advantage:
1. Max. high pressure up to 31.5Mpa and low pressure to 0.4Mpa
2. Output flow rate from 2.5L/min. to 120L/min. for high and low pressure operation
3. Powerful electric motor and pump equipped with, 3 kinds power motor for low pressure

Lubricating System HSGLA Series Introduction

Lubricating system HSGLA series is available for big industrial machines, such as milling machine with dynamic bearings, rolling mill machines and other motor industry equipment, the suitable media is N22~N320(Equals to ISO VG22~VG320)
There are two stages pressure of lubricating system HSGLA series:
– High pressure 31.5Mpa with flow rate of 2.5L/min.
– Low pressure 0.4Mpa with flow rate of 16~125L/min.

The Working Principle Of Lubricating System HSGLA Series:
Lubricating system HSGLA series consists of grease/oil reservoir (Electromagnetic filter inside), low pressure pump device, high pressure pump device, dual cylinder filters, hand operation high pressure pump, cooling, piping lines, valves, pressure gauge, electric control box and other accessories.

The low pressure pump should be started when operating the main motor until the low pressure is normally transporting the grease. Then starting the high pressure pump and its inlet port mounted on low pressure pipe, the high pressure grease transfers to static bearing through check valve while the high pressure reaches to its working pressure, the main motor is allowed to start at that period, the high pressure pump will be able to stopped(Except low speed operation.) until the main motor works normal, the low pressure pump should run to provide the grease.

Low pressure pump is transferring the grease or oil from the reservoir to check valve, dual cylinder filter and cooling to static bearing, providing the normal grease to main motor. If the main motor stops, the high pressure pump and low-pressure pump should supply the grease or oil timing which is controlled by time relay intermittently to lubrication points.

The Feature Of Lubricating System HSGLA Series:
– The high and low pressure is controlled by the safety valve and relief valve in the lubrication system
– When the normal operation of main motor, one low pressure pump runs and other is as backup until the system pressure lowers to its presetting pressure, the backup pump begins to run up to normal pressure. What if the pressure is contentiously lowering while the backup pump runs, there is an alarm signal, the main motor should be stopped then.
– The manual operation pump is used when there is a problem of the high piston pump
– The filter placed in front of coolers, the smaller viscosity of oil through the first filter, in order to improve the filtering effect of the filter, one of dual cylinder filter works and other as backup one and switched by manual valve.
– If the oil level is too low or too high, the signal works, artificial grease filling or stopping to filling in.
– The magnetic mesh filter is mounted in the return oil tank, filtering and adsorption iron particles simultaneously.
– Lubricating system HSGLA is equipped with pressure gauge and electrical control box, to display the operating parameters, achieve lubrication oil station automatic control, manual control or alarm.
– Electrical contacts bimetal thermometer mounted on the cover of reservoir, to send a signal when the oil temperature is low.  Artificial electric heater is available, automatically cut off the electric heater while reaches the set temperature.
– The lubricating supplying port is equipped with electric contact pressure thermometer, according to the oil temperature, adjust the maximum and minimum limits of two to control the cooler uses or not.

Lubricating System HSGLA Series Order Code


(1) HSGLA Series
= Lubricating System HSGLA Series, Lubrication System
(2) High Pressure Pipe Output 
= 2.5L/min.
(3) Low Pressure Pipe Output 
= 16L/min.
(4)  Motor Power = 1.1Kw
(5)  Hydraulic Pump Flow
 = 2.5L/min.
(6) Omit = Controlled By Relay & Contactor ; P= PCL Controls
(7)  * = For further information or device

Lubricating System HSGLA Series Technical Data

Low PressurePumpLBZ-16LBZ-25LBZ-40LBZ-63LBZ-100LBZ-125
Flow L/min16254063100125
Pressure MPa≤0.4
Oil Temp.℃40±3
Motor CodeY90S-4,V1Y100L1-4,V1Y112M-4,V1
Motor Power1.1KW2.2KW4KW
Motor Speed1450r/min1440r/min1440r/min
Tank Volume0.8 m31.2 m31.6 m3
High PressurePump2.5MCY14-1B
Flow L/min2.5×2
Pressure MPa31.5
Motor CodeY112M-6 B35
Motor Power2.2Kw
Motor Speed940r/min
Filtration Accuracy0.08~0.12m2
Filtration Area0.13 m20.19 m20.4 m2
Cooling Area3 m25 m27 m2
Cooling Water1 m2/h1.5m2/h3.6m2/h5.7m2/h9m2/h11.25m2/h
Heating Power3 x 4 Kw3 x 4 Kw6 x 4 Kw
Outline Dia.1820x1130x1320mm1880x1220x1650mm

Lubricating System HSGLA Series Principle Symbol 


Lubricating System HSGLA Series Installation Dimensions

Lubricating System HSGLA Series dimensions

Unit= Millimeter (mm)



HSGLA 2.5/161002081230360420150011328901305007078
HSGLA 2.5/251002081230360420150011328901305007078
HSGLA2. 5/40100276143040050015501182890200400120110
HSGLA 2.5/63100276143040050015501182890200400120110