Product: HSDR Lubricating System, Grease Lubrication System
Products Advantage:
1. Providing high pressure up to 31.5Mpa and low pressure to 0.4Mpa
2. Output flow rate from 16L/min. to 100L/min. for different working conditions
3. Manual or PLC operation available, high pressure piton pump mounted

Lubricating System HSDR Series Introduction

Lubricating system HSDR series is the lubrication system with high and low pressure controls, is used for grinding machines with double slide shoe dynamic static pressure bearing, rotary kiln equipment where needs grease lubrication system, the working medium viscosity grade of lubricating system HSDR series is N22 ~ N460 (equivalent to ISO VG22 ~ 460) of all kinds of industrial lubricants.

Lubricating system HSDR series is available for high pressure output and low pressure output, the high pressure works when the start up, low running speed and stop of lubricating system as per the working principle of dynamic pressure lubrication, and working in low pressure during normal operation to guarantee that the industrial machine can obtain reliable lubrication under different rotating speed to prolong the service life.

The standard of lubricating system HSDR series equipped with two high pressure oil output pipes and pressure is 31.5MPa, the flow of 2.5L/min each, part of the low pressure 0.4MPa, low flow rate is 16 ~ 100L/min; the lubrication system consists of filtration, cooling and heating device, automatic control, alarm and interlock function available.

The Working Principle Of Lubricating System HSDR Series:
The main characteristics of the lubricating system HSDR series is that one set of grease lubrication system includes two high pressure output pipes, which can meet the requirements of two high pressure lubricating points, each of the high pressure pipe consist of pressure gauges and pressure controlling advice to control the pressure of each high pressure pipe and observing the working conditions.

 Lubrication system HSDR series is equipped with one more high pressure grease pump than normal lubricating systems. Two sets of high pressure oil pump suction port are connected to a low-pressure pump supply port, when the two high-pressure pumps are started, there is the flow volume of 5L/min should be sucked from the low pressure supply port, which may affect the low pressure pump since it may reduce the pressure when the high pressure pump starts, but it will not affect to the whole lubrication system, because the total amount of lubricating oil is not reduced, will not affect the lubrication of the bearing, anyway, its updated lubricating system is better working performance and large pressure range is quite fulfilling the needs of machinery lubrication.

Lubricating System HSDR Series Order Code

HSDR 2.5 x 2 16 * *
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

(1) HSDR Series
= Lubricating System HSDR Series, Lubrication System
(2) Each High Pressure Pipe Output 
= 2.5L/min.
(3) Double High Pressure Pipe 
= 2
(4)  Low Pressure Pump Flow = 16/L/min.
(5)  Omit
= Relay, Contactor Control  ;  P = PLC contrl 
(6)  * = For further information

Lubricating System HSDR Series Technical Data

Model HSDR-2.5/16 HSDR-2.5/25 HSDR-2.5/140 HSDR-2.5/63 HSDR-2.5/80 HSDR-2.5/100
Low Pressure Pump LBZ-16 LBZ-25 LBZ-40 LBZ-63 LBZ-100 LBZ-125
Flow L/min 16 25 40 63 80 100
Pressure MPa ≤0.4
Oil Temp.℃ 40±3
Motor Code Y90S-4,V1 Y100L1-4,V1 Y112M-4,V1
Motor Power 1.1KW 2.2KW 4KW
Motor Speed 1450r/min 1440r/min 1440r/min
Tank Volume m3 1.1 1.5 2.2
High Pressure Pump 2.5MCY14-1Bx 2Sets
Flow L/min 2.5×2
Pressure MPa 31.5
Motor Code Y112M-6 B35x2Sets
Motor Power 2.2Kw
Motor Speed 940r/min
Filtration Accuracy 0.08~0.12m2
Filtration Area 0.13 m2 0.19 m2 0.4 m2
Cooling Area 3 m2 5 m2 7 m2
Cooling Water 1 m2/h 1.5m2/h 3.6m2/h 5.7m2/h 9m2/h 11.25m2/h
Heating Power 3 x 4 Kw 3 x 4 Kw 6 x 4 Kw
Outline Dia. 2000x1240x1360mm 2100x1280x1385mm 2150x1440x1750mm

Lubricating System HSDR Series Principle Symbol 

Lubricating System HSDR Series working symbol

Lubricating System HSDR Series Installation Dimensions

Lubricating System HSDR Series dimensions