The dual-line grease systems is available used as the below working conditions.
Where to Use Dual-Line Grease System:
1. There are more lubrication points and the related lubrication points settle in dispersed location, especially in industry application requires large lubrication system.metallurgy-mills-Using-Dual-Line-Grease-System

2. The lubrication points have a different requirement for lubricant volume, better to be adjustable of the feeding flow.

3. Particularly suitable for harsh working conditions, such as hot or low temperatures, dust environment.

4. The lubrication system medium is grease NLGI 2 # as most typical lubricate in operation.

Please consider above conditions before using the dual line grease system, the mostly application of the dual line system are equipped with such as cement plants, metallurgy mills, sea port machinery, power generation equipment, forging equipment and paper machinery and other heavy industrial machinery.