Single line lubrication system is also called Progressive lubrication system, which is a kind of high reliability, automatic monitoring performance, advanced and ideal lubrication equipment, has the following advantages:
1. The dual line lubrication system is changed into the Single line lubrication system to overcome the power waste while in the processing of pressure relief of the alternating grease pipe line.
2. To achieve feeding lubrication point as per different grease or oil consumption and the lubrication distributors will be able to combined into the most appropriate position.
3. Progressive lubrication system (Single line lubrication system) is able to work with a variety of self-control protection components, with characteristic of a high degree of automation, reliable and durable operation.
4. The pipe line of single line lubrication system is simple, compact structure, small investment and easy maintenance and parts replacement.



General Parts Of Single Line Lubrication System:
A. Automatic lubrication pump control
1. In accordance with the cycle of the machine or mechanical action related interlocking method.
2. According to the timer mode.
3. The number of cycle indicator count control mode.

B. Central warning signal
As soon as there is a blockage anywhere in the installation, it is issued immediately
alarm. Alarm mode can be indicator light or buzzer.

C. Primary distributor
1. Lubrication distributor KM, KJ can be used
2. Usage of the primary distributor: After receiving the full amount of grease or oil delivered by the lubrication pump, the piston inside the lubrication distributor moves in the correct sequence to deliver the required amount of grease to the secondary distributor.
D. Loop indicator
Reciprocation of the loop indicator indicates that the entire device is operating normally (grease/ oil gun operation or automatic counting requirements)

E. Blockage indicator
The effect of the blockage indicator is to indicate where the jam has occurred.
○ Plug reset indicator: plug the point of over-pressure indicator rises.
● Automatic overflow indicator: Automatic overflow after plugging point over-pressure.

The Common Lubrication Way Of Single-Line Lubrication System (Progressive Lubrication System)
1. By Oil Gun Mode In Single-Line Lubrication System

When using an oil gun, a unit can consist of up to 8 intermediate elements, so a maximum of 16 lubrication points can be supplied. The first is to calculate the required oil amount of bearing, select the appropriate mid elements, with the cycle of the indicator indicates the end of the oil. As the oil gun instead of the lubrication pump, so the equipment price is low, and which can be scheduled to the amount of oil, mostly used for less lubrication points occasions, with economical charge.

2. By Manual Lubrication Pump In Single-Line Lubrication System


Manual Operated Lubrication Pumps ②Primary Lubrication Distributor ③Secondary Lubrication Distributor

Use a manual lubrication pump to supply oil to more than 100 lubrication points, use the oil return indicator on the pump to the indicate the end of feeding grease or oil.
If at 100 a point even if no oil, shake the pump handle feel hard, such as re-arming pull, the pressure will rise up to 20Mpa, and a flask installed in the sheet safety valve of the pump will can rupture to protect the pump. At this point, check the blockage indicator on the primary distributor and blockage occurs in one of the lines coming out of the indicator plunger. The maximum discharge pressure of this pump is up to 20MPa, so even high back pressure bearings are being able to fully lubricated.

3. By Electric Lubrication Pump In Single-Line Lubrication System


Electric Lubrication Pumps  ②Primary Lubrication Distributor  ③Cycle Count Switch  ④Electric Control Box  ⑤Secondary Lubrication Distributor  ⑥ 3 Level Stage Lubrication Distributor

There are pressure switch, low oil level switch, cycle switch and other alarm devices installed in the electric lubrication pump, rely on electronic control box, the full automation control can be achieved. Oil discharge pressure of 20MPa, oil displacement according to the design choice to determine, this approach is widely used in various mechanical equipment. Electric lubrication pump includes the single-line multi-point lubrication pump.

4. Pump On The Drum Cover In Single-Line Lubrication System

The pump is directly mounted on the drum lid, so it is easy to install, and it is good for the dusty working situations. Since there is no need to move the oil from the drum to the pump, therefore, the pump, distributor, and bearings are not damaged by the dust.
Driven by electric and pneumatic two kinds of discharge hydraulic pressure up to 20MPa.
This method is particularly suitable for large machinery, blast furnace, rolling mill and other occasions.

5. Single Pump And More Area To Lubricate In Single-Line Lubrication System


①Single Line Electric Lubrication Pump  ②Directional Control Valve  ③Primary Lubrication Distributor  ④Cycle Count Switch  ⑤Secondary Lubrication Distributor  ⑥ 3 Level Stage Lubrication Distributor  ⑦Electric Control Box  ⑧ Oil Gun

This grease / oil feeding method is particularly suitable for rolling machines up to several hundred meters.
The central pump transfers the grease to about 50mm diameter of main pipet, and then sent to each secondary pipe in different area by this main pipe, through the open and closed of the solenoid valve installed on the secondary pipes to transport to intermittently grease to the lubrication distributor of the working section and then to each lubrication point.
With this system, a central lubrication pump can be used to automatically lubricate thousands of bearings.