What is A Divider Valve? Divider valves are used in a wide array of different situations. For the most part, they are used in various types of factory scenarios where it is necessary that large machines be used on a routine basis. In addition, there are basically two types of these valves that are typically used. They are known as progressive valves or dual line valves. Their exact use is largely determined by the specific needs of a particular machine or operation, as well as how much lubrication the machine may need. One of the most popular uses for these valves is to adequately lubricate large hydraulic machinery. This type of machinery can be found in factories, as previously mentioned, but they can also be found in virtually anything that is operated by hydraulic pressure. The valves are designed to regulate the lubricant that is delivered throughout the progressive-and-dual-line-divider-Valvemachinery, thus regulating the pressure of the hydraulic system. This is vitally important because hydraulic systems rely on the correct pressure in order to operate effectively.

Progressive lubrication divider valves
are used when it is critical that lubrication be consistent. These valves essentially guarantee that lubrication will be delivered on a continuous basis. This is essential for some of the machines that use these types of valves in order to ensure their continued operation. The valves allow the necessary amount of lubrication to be successfully delivered to the machine. The valves also ensure that the right amount of lubricant is delivered, as they are able to provide additional lubricant to certain parts of the machine without over lubricating other parts.

Another type of valve system involves dual line lubrication divider valves. These valves operate in a slightly different fashion, but they are able to deliver the needed amount of lubricant in much the same fashion as other types of valves. Specifically, they work by using multiple valves within the same block. There are blocks of different sizes, so it is possible for blocks to be used that have only two valves while others have four. The thing that makes these systems unique is that the valves can be used to lubricate only one port, or a single valve can be used for two ports simultaneously. This allows a block with four valves to be used to lubricate as many as eight ports, thereby increasing lubrication within any machine they are used in.

Divider valves provide a very important avenue for lubrication of the critical parts of many different hydraulic machines. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make sure that the particular type of valve system chosen is the best fit for the situation at hand. This will ensure that hydraulic machinery is capable of operating as it was designed to for many years. It also guarantees that the machines will operate reliably because of the constant maintenance of pressure that is provided by the valve systems themselves. Both types of systems are effective but different systems are used depending on the lubrication needs related to the conditions that the machine is being operated under.