There is this product in the market that every oil industrial machine manufacturing company wishes to associate with, this is none other than the two line lubrication divider valves. This is due to the fact that this product has proved to have some production advantages to extend the service life of wear parts largely in machines. Some of this outstanding competitive advantage includes the fact that this lubrication valve consists of two major parts and that is the base and the metering valves. These are either made up of high strength carbon steel or stainless steel. They as well have the inlets as well as the outlets. Two line progressive lubrication dividers (Also called dual-line lubrication divider valves) are designed with two supplying pipes and two, four, six or eight outlets, when the pressure in the divider valve reaches presetting stage, one outlet ports start to dispense the grease or oil until meets the change-over valve switch pressure, which allows another outlet to dispense alternatively.Two-Line-Lubrication-Divider-Valves

Dual-line divider valve discharges can either be adjusted or may originally be fixed. Those adjustable are made up of the turrets with the adjusting screws. Beyond that, two line lubrication divider valve as well have a great deal of advantages. They are flexible may expand hence mitigating the rate at which the change requirement elements are produced. It has a very low purchase or inventory cost due to the fact that it has a reduced spare parts.

Other significant importance of two line lubrication divider valve is the fact that it is very efficient and saves the company on the labor cost since the valves can be serviced without the disturbance to the existing piping lines. It as well exhibit a lower maintenance cost since the modular concept leads to the lower replacement cost. Finally the lubrication valve is so versatile in the lubrication and layer planning.

This product may be easily accessed through the various distributors such as the petroleum equipment service distributors to satisfy the needs of the various automotive service professionals. This product may as well be applied in the agriculture and forestry during irrigation and general farm works. the world rail companies as well uses the device in rail lubrication hence ensuring the smooth rail transport and improved national economic growth. Other industries of applications include the industrial vehicles lubrication, wind energy and general industry works.

Some of the lubricants used by these two line lubrication divider valves are: oil, grease, fluid grease and the dry machining lubricants which ensure that it meet the dry machining requirement with very minimal quantities of lubricant. These lubricant valves should work with control mechanisms, it is therefore necessary to ensure that all control devices are in place for use. Some of these devices include the VIP5 PLUS controller which is ideal for the small and medium sized double line lubrication systems. Like any other machine or equipment, regular check up for maintenance is necessary to monitor wear and tear hence repairing it in time to ensure its longevity.