Progressive Valve SSV12

Product: SSV12 Series Progressive Valve
Products Advantage:
1. Strictly Quality Control: Selected fine strength of carbon steel raw materials to produce the key parts of the valve and tested by special testing station, adopting 32# or 46# mineral oil, each product tests more than several minutes to confirm reliable working condition.
2. Rust-proof Surface Treatment: The surface treatment is by black oxidized surface to resist severe working surroundings, like dust, mist even outdoor operation.
3. Easily Replacement: All the dimensions and connection parts are standard, which is easy to replace and fix some parts easily.

Progressive Valve SSV12 Introduction

Progressive valve SSV12 series is designed and produced for high pressure requirements of lubrication equipment.

We are offering the good quality of the series progressive valve and our designed SSV12 series also can be fixed at the working position for some urgent situation. Please check the blow terms of how to solve some problems while operation.

The progressive valve SSV12 series is better to used in a clean working place, disassemble the inlet and outlet connectors and screw out the plugs on each sides of the piston.

The piston can be pushed out by a soft rod with diameter less than 6mm, plastics materials is better. Then cleaning the divider valve channels with high pressure air or high pressure kerosene, using a diameter 1.5mm steel wire checking all the channels one by one, confirming all the connections are through and clean the holes and piston channels again. Changing the copper sealing and reassembly the divider valve, the repaired item needs to be tested by a pump, checking whether the starting pressure is lower than 25bar, if not, the old one should be replaced with new original product.

Ordering Code Of Progressive Valve SSV12

HS-SSV6 / 8  / 10 / 12 / 14 /16 …S*

(1) HS=  By Hudsun Industry
(2) SSV =
Progressive divider valve SSV series
(3) Number Of Outlet= 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, Or More …
(4)Raw Materals In House: S= High Carbon Steel (Stronger) ; C= Casting Iron
(5) Omit= Without Indicator Pin ; K = With indicator pin
(6) *  = Further information

Progressive Valve SSV12 Technical Data

SSV12 Progressive Divider Valve
Raw Materials:
45# High strength carbon steel
Max. pressure
350bar / 5075psi
Min. pressure
20bar / 290psi
Output volume
Connection tube size
4mm & 6mm
Working Pressure:
Max. operation pressure: 350bar/ 5075psi
Feed Line Threaded Connection:

Minimum Order Quantity:
Please consult us
Surface Treatment:
Block galvanization or zinc plated
With strong box or cartons for exporting
Use of media for cone penetration greater than 265 (25°C, 150g) 1/10mm, (NLGI0 # -2 #) with grease
Lubricants viscosity grade than N68
Trade Terms:
Delivery Time:
Depends on the quantity and standard or custom design, usually 10-25 working days
Place of Origin:

Progressive Valve SSV12 Working Principle


Stage one description:
The lubricant enters the metering device from above (white arrow) and flows to the right-hand end of piston A.
Piston A (black arrow) is moved to the left under the pressure of the lubricant, causing the lubricant ahead of the left hand end of piston A to be dispensed to outlet 2 (dashed arrow).

Stage two description:
Once piston A has reached its left-hand final position, the junction channel to the right-hand end of piston B is opened.
The lubricant which arrives from above (white arrow) also moves piston B (black arrow) to the left, causing the lubricant quantity ahead of the left-hand end of piston B to be dispensed to outlet 7 (dashed arrow).


Stage three description:
Once piston B has reached its left-hand final position, the junction channel to the right-hand end of piston A is opened.
The lubricant grease flows from above (white arrow) moves piston C (black arrow) to the left, causing the lubricant quantity ahead of the left-hand end of piston C to be dispensed to outlet 5 (dashed arrow).

Stage four description:
The channel to the right-hand end of piston D is now open (black arrow).
The lubricant grease is fed from above (white arrow) moves piston D to the left, causing the lubricant quantity ahead of the left-hand end of piston D to be dispensed out of the metering device via outlet 3 (dashed arrow).


Stage five description:
In phase 4, piston D had opened the junction channel to the left-hand end of piston A.
The lubricant flowing in (white arrow) moves piston A to the right (black arrow), causing the lubricant quantity to be dispensed to outlet 1(dashed arrow).
In the subsequent distribution sequence, pistons B – D are moved from the left to the right one after the other.
A complete distribution sequence is finished and a new cycle can begin.

Progressive Valve SSV12 Installation Dimensions


ModelDimension A (mm)
SSV 12105

Progressive Valve SSV12 Connection Position

Note For Progressive Divider Valve SSV12:

1. We recommended using secondary stage
2. Only use the original spare parts, please contact us for replacement parts
3. The outlets 1 and 2 never be closed
4. It should begin from the lowest and highest outlets when changing fitting or tubes
5. Some outlets needed to be closed and combination the lubricants and sealed with plug M10x1 as per the drawing right.