One progressive divider valves assembly set can serve a total of twenty or more than lubrication points with ease. Modular constructions fitted at regular points of the progressive lubrication divider valves make it simple to install, adjust and maintain as per the users demands. All these can be done without necessarily removing the inner tubing.SSV-progressive-valves

Series movement lubrication equipment work in a pre-arranged format for easier monitoring of internal systems via an indication pin. Usually, the tag is used to relay mechanical signals to the main system controller. This is done with help from an electrical limit modification system fitted at the edge of a comprehensive lubrication cycle.

A total of 20 bearings even more can easily be lubricated from a single manifold assembly, and 20 more manifolds can be added in a modest system. Cyclic discharge consoles from the lubricator help in enhancing sequential movement of pistons inside the partition block- this displaces permanent volumetric quantities of lubricating oil to each and every point of the valve.

Functions of the progressive divider valves

It helps in distributing and proportioning incoming grease or oil amounts to various bearing sections. Individual dividers are usually fitted with valve blocks and have sliding discharge pistons with in-built outlet checking valves. Moreover, the overall discharge capacity of each block can be determined by alternating the piston diameter represented in each valve block. The lubrication tube consists of 2 distinct outlets at each assembly or double-outlet blocks. Each valve cycle is also fitted with supply rated discharge outputs that connect the two opposite outlets, turning them into one comprehensive controller cycle. Individual dividers have a single discharge piston with in-built check regulators. Blocks can be offered in different output sizes, and the liquid expulsion capacity of each block depends on how the piston diameter of each unit is regulated.

Some versions are designed for use by both grease and oil lubricators. They consist of 2-piece, steel construction systems with quality Viton O-ring caps, the valves can easily serve 2, 3, 4 and 6 lubrication points. The quality Zinc-Nickel plated or black galvanization body guarantees longer life even in un-conducive environments. Progressive movement oil-divider blocks work in prearranged sequences for easier monitoring of internal system operations, this is made possible with the rotational indicator pin fitted in each product. Normally, the divider valves pin transmits signals to your main control system via an electrical border switch, this occurs after completion of each lubrication cycle.

Accessories for progressive divider valves

Many experts believe that O-ring silicone gel is the best lubricator to provide sealing and prevent water leakages. Apart from preserving the overall integrity of your product, it allows you to reuse the product severally so long as it doesn’t get damaged. Always go for FDA approved lubrication since they are quality-grade approved. Furthermore, some valves contain chemical barrier coatings with low volatility levels and excellent resistance to water and low-vapor pressure. The progressive lubrication divider valves can be bought online from qualified dealers.