Twin lubrication program valve commonly is composed of: ZPU collection lubrication pumps (Or customized pump) , discharge valve, dual line distribution divider valves, terminal strain switches four gadgets. The grease in the lubrication pump is powered to grease main pipe alternatively by way of divider valves, the lubricating grease is transported to each divider valve, just to every chamber of lubricating divider valves, then injecting the related medium such as grease or oil to every lubrication point. There exists a single to terminal tension swap in the event the stress reaches to preset force, the discharge valve improvements its spool position and changes the grease or oil movement technique to form a loop lubrication cycle.

Dual-Line Lubrication System Working Principle (Twin Line Grease Procedure Characteristics):

1. Substantial tension makes it possible for using more compact diameter lubrication pipes, thus minimizing piping and installation expenses.
2. The reduced volume along with the smaller sized oil pipeline capability speed up the grease or oil move in pipeline, decreasing the grease or oil from the pipe the possibility of getting old.
3. Twin distribution valves may be understood visible or electrical checking to the each outlet ports.
4. If there is a bearing or outlet port blocked, it does not have an effect on the conventional procedure of other outlet ports.
5. Effortlessly grease or oil distribution along with the quantity of every retailers might be independently modified, after set up can nonetheless quickly alter the dispensing valve.