GSA Pressure Gauge Damper Shock Absorber

Product: GSA Pressure Gauge Damper Shock Absorber
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 10Mpa
2. Metric, BSPP or Custom thread available
3. Extended the service life of pressure gauges, saving cost of maintenance

GSA Pressure Gauge Damper Shock Absorber Introduction

GSA Grease pressure damper or grease pressure shock absorber is suitable for lubrication equipment or systems with a nominal pressure of 10 MPa. GSA Grease pressure damper, shock absorber usually installed at the front end of the pressure gauge to reduce the fluctuation of pressure gauge pointer caused by the pressurized grease, and also prevent the grease from entering the pressure gauge.

GSA Pressure Gauge Damper Ordering Code

HS-GSA10  –M14*

(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) GSA = GSA Pressure Gauge Damper, Shock Absorber
(3) 10 = Max. operation pressure 10MPa
(4) Threaded :  M14 = M14x1.5  ; M20 = M20x1.5  Or Customized Threaded
(5) For Further Information

GSA Pressure Gauge Damper Dimensions


CodeMax. PressuredDimensionsWeight