Auto Directional Reversing Valve DR4–5 Reversing Valve, Hydraulic Reversing Valve, DR4-5 Series

Product: DR4-5 Auto Lubrication Reversing Valve Products Advantage: 1. Auto control, Reversing switching valve 2. Presetting pressure from 0~20Mpa, easily adjustment 3. Reliable operation and pressure control, wild pressure adjustment Applicable: DRB-P ; HB-P(L) ; DRB-L DR4–5 Valve PDF Auto lubrication reversing valve DR4-5 series is used for the electric terminal type centralized lubrication system, [...]


Grease Solenoid Directional Valve DF/SV – Grease Lubrication, Solenoid Operated, Directional Valve DF/SV Series

Product: DF, SV Grease Solenoid Directional Valve  Products Advantage: 1. 4/3 solenoid directional valve control 2. Max. pressure operation up to 20Mpa/200bar 3. Powerful solenoid and reliable valve, guaranty each switching action. Equal Code With DF &SV: - 34DF-L2 (SV-32) - 23DF-L1 (SV-31) DF, SV Directional Valve PDF Grease solenoid directional valve [...]


Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves AF– Oil Lubrication Safety Valve, Two Type Connection Safety Valves

Product:  AF Lubrication Equipment Safety Valves  Products Advantage: 1. Standard industrial connection and replacement 2. 11 Connection type for selection for optional 3. Wild media viscosity range from N22 to N460 Lubrication equipment safety valves AF series is suitable for concentrated oil lubrication system, used to keep the system pressure in the [...]


Grease Directional Valve 24EJF-P – 4/2 Grease Directional Valve, 24EJF-P/ SA-V Series Grease Lubrication Valve

Product:  24EJF-P/SA-V Grease Directional Valve  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation pressure up to 400bar/40Mpa 2. AC Electric motor powered, small and reliable operation 3. Quick response and switching the flow direction way, easily portable 24EJF-P SA-V Valve PDF Grease directional valve 24EJF-P (SA-V) is two position, 4 way directional valve powered by [...]

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