Progressive Divider

Progressive Lubrication Distributor JPQ Series – Grease Lubrication Distributor, Progressive Lubrication Divider

Product: JPQ Progressive Lubrication Distributor Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation pressure up to 20Mpa/200bar 2. 3 ~ 8 nos. segments available as per different grease volume requirement 3. Three kinds of series, several flow rate volume for optional Progressive Lubrication distributor JPQ series is grease lubrication distributor, progressive lubrication divider made of high [...]


Lubrication Progressive Distributor LV, JPQ-L Series – Grease Lubricating Progressive Distributor Valve

Product:  LV, JPQ-L Lubrication Progressive Distributor  Products Advantage: 1. Progressive type of lubrication distributor as second stage 2. Max. operation pressure up to 20Mpa, 6 ~ 12 Nos. outlet port for optional 3. Reliable pressure output with check valve, large grease feeding volume Lubrication progressive distributor is LV series or JPQ-L series as grease [...]


Lubrication Distributor Segment PSQ Series – Progressive Grease Distributor, Lubrication Segment Divider

Product: PSQ Lubrication Distributor Segment Divider Products Advantage: 1. For progressive lubrication system equipment 2. More than one hundreds of lubrication points available 3. Max. pressure operation up to 10Mpa, 3pcs ~ 6pcs segment available Lubrication distributor segment PSQ series is progressive grease distributor, lubrication segment divider for progressive grease pump or [...]


Lubrication Distributor JPQ-K, ZPA Series – Progressive Divider Valve, Progressive Lubrication Distributor

Product: Progressive Distributor JPQ-K (ZP) Series, Lubrication Progressive Distributors For Central Lubrication System Product Advantage: 1. Feeding volume from 0.07 to ml/stroke optional 2. JPQ-K, ZP series for different feeding volume requirement, max. pressure up to 160bar 3. Volume marked on each segment for replacement or repairing, easily maintenance Equal Code With ZP & [...]


Lubrication Distributor KM, KJ, KL Series – Series Progressive Divider Valve, Progressive Lubrication Distributor

Product: KM, KJ, KL series progressive lubrication distributor Product Advantage: 1. Max. operation pressure up to 210bar/3045psi. 2. Three Kinds series, feeding volume from 0.082 to 4.920 optional 3. Custom requested of 3-8 middle segment are option available KJ / KM / KL Lube Distributor Technical Data Below : KJ Distributor PDF KM [...]


Progressive Divider Valve SSV14 – Single Line Grease Lubricant Distributor, Bearing Lubrication Valve

Product: SSV14 Bearing Lubrication Valve Products Advantage: 1. Strictly Quality Control: Selected fine strength of carbon steel raw materials to produce the key parts of the valve and tested by special testing station, adopting 32# or 46# mineral oil, each product tests more than several minutes to confirm reliable working condition. 2. Rust-proof [...]


Progressive Divider Valve SSV8 – Single Line Lubricant Distributor, Distribution Valve

Product: SSV8 – Progressive Valve Products Advantage: 1. High Quality Control: The inner connection holes processes by digital machines, precisely dimensions of the qualified items is much reliable for long distance lubrication spots. 2. Strictly Tested After Finishing: Using 32# or 46# mineral oil test, each product tests more than several minutes to [...]

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