Progressive Valve – Lubrication Divider Valves

Series progressive valves are also called divider distributors. They feed the lubricant required spot and operate in a certain sequence of lubrication elements. The certain amount of lubricating oil or grease can be dispensed one by one from the grease or oil outlet in the specified order and delivered to the lubrication point.

There are integrated and block element of structure as the type of series progressive valve and divider distributor, which can be selected according to the actual operation of different structures and different combinations. Cycle or near-continuous lubrication feeding can be achieved, configurable work indicator will be able to show the lubrication system’s working conditions.

Single Line Metering Device Injectors

HL -1 Injector, Single Line Metering Device

  • Standard design for replacement easily
  • Max. working pressure 24Mpa/240bar
  • 45# High strength carbon steel
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Progressive Valve – Lubrication Divider

SSV Progressive Valve – Lubrication Divider

  • 6 ~ 24 Outlets for optional
  • Max. working pressure 35Mpa/350bar
  • 45# High strength carbon steel
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Series Progressive Valve KM, KJ, KL

KM, KJ, KL Lubrication Distributor

  • 3 Models for different working selection
  • Max. working pressure 7Mpa ~ 210Mpa
  • Various feeding volume for operation optional
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PSQ Lubrication Distributor

  • Segment block distributor, 0.15~20mL/cycle
  • Max. working pressure up to 10Mpa(100bar)
  • Segment numbers from 3 to 6pcs. option
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LV, JPQ-L Lubrication Distributor

  • Progressive line, 0.16mL/cycle
  • Max. working pressure up to 20Mpa(200bar)
  • Outlet ports from 6v to 12 nos. option
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JPQ Lubrication Distributor

  • Progressive line supply, 0.08~4.8mL/cycle
  • Max. working pressure up to 20Mpa(200bar)
  • Different grease feeding volume for optional
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Progressive Distributor ZP-A, ZP-B Series

ZP-A, ZP-B Lubrication Distributor

  • 7 Volume rate for selection
  • 6 ~20 Outlet ports numbers for optional
  • Diameter of pipeline Ø4mm ~ Ø12mm
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