YHF, RV Hydraulic Pressure Control, Directional Valve For DRB Lubrication Pump

Product: YHF / RV Hydraulic Directional Control Valve Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 200bar 2. Less pressure loss in lubrication pump 3. Reliable working operation, sensitive pressure adjustment. Product Equipped: For DRB-L Lubrication Pump Series: DRB-L60Z-H, DRB-L60Y-H, DRB-L195Z-H, DRB-L195Y-H, DRB-L585Z-H   HF/ RV hydraulic directional control valve is used for the electric [...]


Pressure Control Switch Valve YZF/PV – Pressure Control, Two Pipeline Switching, Grease Valve YZF-L4, PV-2E Series

Product: YZF-L4, PV-2E Pressure Control Valve \  Products Advantage: 1. Max. pressure up to 20Mpa/200bar 2. Pressure adjustment available from 3Mpa~6Mpa 3. Sensitive to pressure response, quick switching and reliable operation Pressure control switch valve YZF-L4, PV-2E series is pressure control, two pipeline switching, grease valve, is a device to transfer the [...]


Grease Pressure Switch Valve YZF-J4 – Lubricating Grease Pressure Differential Control, Switch Valve YZF-J4 Series

Product: YZF-J4 Pressure Switch Valve  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation pressure up to 10Mpa/100bar 2. Pressure adjustable from 3.5Mpa ~ 4.5Mpa 3. Combination of pressure and electric signal control Grease pressure switch valve YZF-J4 series is Lubricating, grease pressure differential control, directional switch valve, is a device to transfer the pressure differential [...]


Pressure Control Valve YKF/DR – Grease, Oil Pressure Control Valve YKF-L And DR Series

Product: YKF-L31; 32 And DR -33; 43 Series Pressure Control  Products Advantage: 1. Max. pressure up to 20Mpa/bar 2. Equipped with directional valve in lubrication system to increase pressure 3. Better for two stage grease distribution lubrication system, reliable pressure operation Pressure control valve YKF, DR series is grease, oil pressure control [...]


4/2 Hydraulic Directional Valve SYP – Grease or Hydraulic Oil Control, Pressure Adjustable, Directional Valve SYP Series

Product: SYP 4/2 Hydraulic Directional Valve  Products Advantage: 1. Max. pressure up to 40Mpa/400bar 2. Operation pressure adjustable, observable adjustment pressure 3. Replace YKQ indicator + Z4EJF-P valves, saving cost and saving install space   4/2 Hydraulic directional valve SYP series is grease or hydraulic oil control, pressure adjustable, directional valve updated [...]


Auto Lubrication Directional Valve DR4 –Electric Auto Control, Directional Control, Lubrication Valve, DR4-5 Series

Product: DR4-5 Auto Lubrication Directional Valve  Products Advantage: 1. Auto control, directional switching valve 2. Presetting pressure from 0~20Mpa, easily adjustment 3. Reliable operation and pressure control, wild pressure adjustment Applicable: DRB-P ; HB-P(L) ; DRB-L Auto lubrication directional valve DR4 series is used for the electric terminal type centralized lubrication system, the lubrication [...]


Grease Solenoid Directional Valve DF/SV – Grease Lubrication, Solenoid Operated, Directional Valve DF/SV Series

Product: DF, SV Grease Solenoid Directional Valve  Products Advantage: 1. 4/3 solenoid directional valve control 2. Max. pressure operation up to 20Mpa/200bar 3. Powerful solenoid and reliable valve, guaranty each switching action. Equal Code With DF &SV: - 34DF-L2 (SV-32) - 23DF-L1 (SV-31) Grease solenoid directional valve DF, SV series is used [...]