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YCK-P5/SG-A Differential Pressure Switch For Dual Line Lubrication Equipment

Product: YCK-P5/SG-A Differential Pressure Switch  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 40 Mpa 2. Voltage of switch up to 500VAC 3. Sensitive signal response, easily installation YCK-P5/SG-A Differential pressure switch is used in the dual line centralized lubrication system with the nominal pressure up to 40Mpa to control directional valve or monitoring the lubrication [...]


Terminal Pressure Control YKQ-SB For Grease Lubrication Equipment With Max. 10 MPa~40MPa Pressure

Product: YKQ-SB Terminal Pressure Control  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 100bar ~400bar for optional 2. Available voltage 220VAC 3. Double pressure gauge and indicators YKQ-SB terminal pressure control used for grease centralized lubrication system, installed at the end of the main pipeline to check the working pressure in main line, when the [...]


YXQ Lubricating Oil, Grease Flow Indicator For Grease And Oil Lubrication Equipment

Product: YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 4bar 2. Indicator size from 10mm ~ 80mm 3. Threaded and flange connection for option YXQ Oil Flow Indicator Series: YXQ-10, YXQ-15、YXQ-20, YXQ-25, YXQ-32, YXQ-40, YXQ-50, YXQ-80 YXQ Lubricating oil flow indicator is used for oil lubrication system, which can visually [...]

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