Oil Grease Filters

//SPL Double Cartridge Mesh Type Oil Filter, DPL Single Cartridge Mesh Type Oil Filter

SPL Double Cartridge Mesh Type Oil Filter, DPL Single Cartridge Mesh Type Oil Filter

Mesh Oil Filter SPL DPL Series

Product: SPL DPL Mesh Oil Filter 
Products Advantage:
1. Max. operation 8bar
2. Filter size from 15mm ~200mm
3. Oil flow rate 33.4L/min. ~ 5334 L/min.


SPL, DPL mesh filter is suitable for various types of oil lubrication equipment as filtration device, used in petroleum, electricity, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials, heavy or light industry and other industrial sectors to improve oil cleanliness.

Mesh oil filters is divided into SPL double cylinder series and DPL single cylinder series, the SPL, DPL mesh filter is reliable working, easy maintenance, no other power source needed, filter element made of wire mesh filter, with high strength, large oil capacity, to ensure that the filter accuracy, easy to clean and so on, SPL double cylinder mesh filter series processes to achieve non-stop conversion and cleaning.

Ordering Code Of Mesh Oil Filter SPL DPL Series

HS- SPL/DPL 25 *
(1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) HS = By Hudsun Industry
(2) SPL/DPL = SPL Double Cylinder Mesh Filter ; DPL Single Cylinder Mesh Filter
(3) Filter Size (See the chart below)
(4) For Further Information

Mesh Oil Filter SPL DPL Series Technical Data

Model Size (mm) Rated Flow ated Flow m3/h(L/min) Filter Size


Dual Cylinder Single Cylinder Inner Dim. Outer Dim.
SPL15 15 2(33.4) 20 40
SPL25 DPL25 25 5(83.4) 30 65
SPL32 32 8(134)
SPL40 DPL40 40 12(200) 45 90
SPL50 50 20(334) 60 125
SPL65 DPL65 65 30(500)
SPL80 DPL80 80 50(834) 70 155
SPL100 100 80(1334)
SPL125 125 120(2000) 90 175
SPL150 DPL150 150 180(3000)
SPL200 DPL200 200 320(5334)

1.The maximum operating temperature of 95℃
2.The maximum working pressure of 0.8mpa
3.Filter cleaning pressure drop 0.15mpa
4.The test medium viscosity of 24cst clean oil, when the rated flow through the oil filter when the original pressure drop is not greater than 0.08mpa.

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