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//Lubrication Distributor Z-VB, SSPQ-P Series – Dual-Line Grease Lubrication Divider

Lubrication Distributor Z-VB, SSPQ-P Series – Dual-Line Grease Lubrication Divider

Product: Z-VB (0.5 cm3); Z-VB (1.5 cm3); Z-VB (3.0 cm3) series Lubrication Distributor – Dual-Line Manifold Block Divider
Product Advantage:
1. From 1 to 8 grease feeding outlets optional
2. Dual-line distributor, quick lubricating to lubrication points
3. Grease lubricating metering, economical lubrication solution for your equipment

Equal Code With ZV-B & SSPQ-*P:
– ZV-B1 (1SSPQ-*P) ; ZV-B2 (2SSPQ-*P) ; ZV-B3 (3SSPQ-*P) ; ZV-B4 (4SSPQ-*P)
– ZV-B5 (5SSPQ-*P) ; ZV-B6 (6SSPQ-*P) ; ZV-B7 (7SSPQ-*P) ; ZV-B8 (8SSPQ-*P)

Z-VB, SSPQ-P Distributor PDF

Lubrication distributor Z-VB is used for Max. nominal pressure 400bar of central lubrication systems with the medium of grease or oil, as the grease distributing to lubrication points independently pressed by lubrication pump.
There are two supplying lines delivers the grease or oil to lubrication spot alternatively, the volume of grease feeding is available to be adjusted as per different lubrication requirements.

There are 3 lubrication metering types of Z-VB lubrication distributor:
1. Z-VB with metering screw: the volume of grease lubricating is not allowed to be adjusted directly.
2. Z-VB with motion indicator: the volume of grease feeding lubrication is available to adjust from zero to its adjustment range, and determining if normal operation of lubrication distributor by observing the indicator.
3. Z-VB equipped with motion indicator and limit switch adjustment: the grease feeding volume is adjustable from 0 to its range, and controls the lubrication status by sensor’ signal.

Ordering Code Of Distributor ZVB Series

ZV-B 3 0.5 P
(1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) Basic type = Z-VB series Lubrication Distribution Divider
(2) Outlets Numbers (Feeding Port) = 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 Optional
(3) Grease Feeding Volume = 0.5cm3 / 1.5cm3 / 3.0cm3
(4) Metering Type:
S = Z-VB with metering screw
P = Z-VB with motion indicator (Normal Selection)
L= Z-VB with motion indicator and limit switch adjustment

Distributor ZVB Series Technical Data

ZV-B series Lubrication Distributor
Raw Materials:
– Cast iron (Normal option) or carbon steel (Please consult us)
Feeding Outlets:
One (1)Port / Two (2)ports / Three (3)ports / Four (4)ports
Five (5)Port / Six (6)ports / Seven (7)ports / Eight (8)ports
Main Connector:
Outlet Connection Threaded:

Working Pressure:
Max. operation pressure: 400bar/ 5800psi (Cast iron)
Starting Working Pressure:
Crackin at: 10bar / 14.50psi
Adjusting flow by each turn
0.5cm3 ; 1.5cm3 ; 3.0cm3
Surface Treatment:
Zinc plated or nickel plated please consult us for any special requirements

Lubrication Distributor ZVB Operation Function:

There are two working spool at the inside joint of each lubrication point, switching spool and volume adjustment spool, and the inlet port of the spool is connection with greasing supplying line 3a、3b which is pressurized or unloading pressure alternatively.
Operation steps:
1. The grease or oil pressed into 3a pipeline through upper port, pressing the switching spool moves down forward (The grease left at the opposition of spool is squeezed into 3b line), while the upper chamber of switching spool connects to the chamber of volume adjustment spool
2. The volume adjustment spool goes down forward by the upper pressurized grease, the grease left at the bottom of volume adjustment spool squeezed to lubrication point through outlets 6, which is finished the first cycle of grease lubrication.
3. When the lubrication pump presses the grease or oil into 3b line, and the switching spool and volume adjustment spool moves to its reversed direction, pressing the grease or oil to lubrication point through outlet 5 and finished the second lubricating grease feeding.
4. The grease line of 5, 6 supplying grease to each lubrication point powered by lubrication pump called dual-line lubrication distributor.

Lubrication distributor Z-VB function

1. Adjustment screw ;  2. Motion indicator ;  3a, 3b. Grease supplying line ;
4a. Switching spool ; 4b. Volume adjustment spool ; 5. Upper grease line ; 6. Bottom grease line

Lubrication Distributor ZVB Series Metering Types

Lubrication Distributor ZVB Series Installation Dimensions

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