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Lubricant Distributors – Lubrication Divider Valves

Lubricantion Distributors For Lubrication We are updating our products line to follow the market closely, please pay attention to our web for more items. Machine parts fitted precisely even after long terms of operation, much reliable works and we are providing the high quality lubrication equipment. Our golden mineral oil as testing oil keeping [...]


YCK-P5/SG-A Differential Pressure Switch For Dual Line Lubrication Equipment

Product: YCK-P5/SG-A Differential Pressure Switch  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 40 Mpa 2. Voltage of switch up to 500VAC 3. Sensitive signal response, easily installation YCK-P5/SG-A Differential pressure switch is used in the dual line centralized lubrication system with the nominal pressure up to 40Mpa to control directional valve or monitoring the lubrication [...]


Terminal Pressure Control YKQ-SB For Grease Lubrication Equipment With Max. 10 MPa~40MPa Pressure

Product: YKQ-SB Terminal Pressure Control  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 100bar ~400bar for optional 2. Available voltage 220VAC 3. Double pressure gauge and indicators YKQ-SB terminal pressure control used for grease centralized lubrication system, installed at the end of the main pipeline to check the working pressure in main line, when the [...]


YXQ Lubricating Oil, Grease Flow Indicator For Grease And Oil Lubrication Equipment

Product: YXQ Lubricating Oil Flow Indicator  Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 4bar 2. Indicator size from 10mm ~ 80mm 3. Threaded and flange connection for option YXQ Oil Flow Indicator Series: YXQ-10, YXQ-15、YXQ-20, YXQ-25, YXQ-32, YXQ-40, YXQ-50, YXQ-80 YXQ Lubricating oil flow indicator is used for oil lubrication system, which can visually [...]


YHF, RV Hydraulic Pressure Control, Directional Valve For DRB Lubrication Pump

Product: YHF / RV Hydraulic Directional Control Valve Products Advantage: 1. Max. operation 200bar 2. Less pressure loss in lubrication pump 3. Reliable working operation, sensitive pressure adjustment. Product Equipped: For DRB-L Lubrication Pump Series: DRB-L60Z-H, DRB-L60Y-H, DRB-L195Z-H, DRB-L195Y-H, DRB-L585Z-H   HF/ RV hydraulic directional control valve is used for the electric [...]